Poetry Awards

I hope to add on this page more as we go into 2012, to show the amount of effort I have put in as well as the appreciation and encouragement I have received. And I just realised as I was creating this page that I have won 4 awards last year! And the sheer volume of poetry I have written – totally amazing and unbelievable.

Even just one piece each week – it shows how much progress I have made. I would like to say that everyone who is starting on something new – take baby steps – even just one hour in a week or more. When you look back after a year, you would definitely feel you deserve a pat on the back. I certainly did! Trust me, I have been there.

I have just received my second award of 2012. Extremely pleased and satisfied. There’s been spurts of inspiration but mainly due to the literal interaction I have had with the others in the community. For that, I am extremely thankful and grateful for the continuous support.
Below is my display of evidence – enjoy!

My submission piece –








My submission piece – Faith; Ode to Believe

My appreciation piece – Winter Wonderland






My submission piece – Cycle

My appreciation piece – A Special Moment – A Personal Thought






My submission piece – Bubbling Animal World

My appreciation piece – Evolution





My submission piece – The Way Back

My appreciation piece- Setting Autumn





My submission piece – Target

My appreciation piece – Moment of Truth

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