The Author

Welcome to my life journey – Die Reise meines Leben in 2016.

Part 1 of my life was starting a new chapter on an island across the globe – far away from an island of familarity and comfort – and trudging to push my limits, widen my horizons and perhaps fulfil the potential which I have always believed existed in my deepest depths.

Going on to part 2 – Two years of blogging about poetry and life – it has changed my life. I seem to know better what I want and after absorbing the thoughts and views of others, the path forward appears clearer as I approach the end of the tunnel. I formed new views and gained new experiences. Established my limits of tolerance and etched lessons in my brain – ensuring no mistakes are repeated. The direction becomes clearer while the time for the trip seems to shorten – day by day.

A happy and meaningful existence – to make myself felt and also to live in freedom and with passion. That’s my vision of my life. We are the drivers of our own destiny – to be or not to be – decided by a single thought.


By stretching myself beyond my potential, I hope to share my learnings on how to view challenges as a positive part of our life. We grow from that, we make mistakes – it’s how we get up and move on that is the most important.

If you are still wondering what you are going to do in your life, stop thinking. Just do it (JDI) – from there you will know better what is best for yourself.

Once you figured out whichever makes sense to you, grow and flourish. You are you, an unique individual.

I am start my draft on part three and hoping to execute it in 2016. Will continue to share my thoughts and diaries of learning and hope that will help to inspire anyone who needs it.

A huge thanks for all who have been supporting for over half a decade. I continue to look forward to hear from you and I hope you are constantly striving to better yourself as I am.

8 thoughts on “The Author”

  1. Hi there!
    Nice blog – do you have a German background? Hope the writing is going well!

    • Hi Kate!

      Thanks! I learnt german before but it has become slightly rusty..I have been writing quite abit these days – gets random inspiration and just cant seem to stop!

      Do you speak German too? I saw your blog! The plots look interesting! And just curious – how did you manage to find my blog – a needle in the haystack?

  2. That’s great you’re having inspiration – grab it while it’s there and keep posting! Yeah, my mum is German, so I grew up speaking it and spending summers in Bavaria. I found your blog either on the tag surfer or on the wordpress dashboard; sorry I can’t quite remember

    Have a nice evening 🙂

  3. Ahhhh, yes. I was so grateful for your questions about my poem, Clarice.

    I know some poets seek to write a poem with a specific image or a specific message attached. Often times I write in order to find the message and the images unfold for me rather than I mold or shape them.

    Does that make sense?

    I look forward to knowing you better through your writing and poetry.

    • Thanks for popping by!
      I guess you have realised by now I belong to the former, sometimes I do have questions but usually I write only after I have formed a perspective. Maybe I should attempt your style and see how it turns out! 😀

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier in the week. I’m just now catching up with visitors. I’ll have a much closer look at your blog in the coming days; I skimmed it briefly just now, and I like what I see!

    Lisa @FlashFiction

    on twitter @ficflash

  5. Hi, just to say I’ve nominated you for the blog of the year 2012.

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