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I have known Mistake since I was a kid.

My parents spoke about Mistake,

when I didn’t get answers correct in a test,

when I didn’t enter the top faculty,

or when I misbehave.

Mistake grew up with me,

and there was originally one.

I was embarrassed when it followed me around.

I detest its presence.

As I grew older, 

Mistake’s friends and relatives all wanted to become my friends. 

Soon, there was a crowd behind me.

They popped often from behind me to wave to my family and friends.
I wanted to shake them off and pretended they didn’t exist.

Soon, they muliplied to the size of an army.

Ever so often, I felt awkward and ashamed.

I didn’t want anyone to know about them.

Yet, I was helpless.

I thought,

why can’t they all disappear? 

Why do they keeping loitering around?

One day, I asked a wise man for guidance.

He said,

Child, don’t you realize you have become stronger? 

Their presence matters.

They made you who you are today.

The person before me stands tall and confident.

And you are a better person. 

Because you’ve an army of warriors supporting you.