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Another 12 months flown by,
52 weeks accumulated wisdom,
coupled with 365 days of lessons.

Life’s classroom,
as I am sitting in one.
Sometimes I feel I understand,
at times I don’t.

During those clueless moments,
the content is repeated unknowingly,
as if there’s someone out there,
wanting me to truly comprehend this knowledge.
Those times,
I keep my head low,
or call for a time-out,
willing myself a breakthrough,
to gain the insight needed,
so the repetition stops.

On other occasions,
I feel the adrenaline rush,
especially impressed by myself,
my receptiveness,
my capability to pick up the skills.
My gut tells me,
these are your strengths,
work on those,
you’ll go far.

8760 hours of lectures and homework,
I read,
I listen,
I assimilate,
I know for sure,
this constant evolution,
stretches me,
bettering me,

Ready to receive,
poised to take-off,
with gusto,
I await,
for my next birthday.