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Goes off the alarm,
eyes open wide,
first question,
should I get up?

Today’s the day I need to change,
set a new routine,
start a new rhythm,
this is it!

Won the last struggle and propel myself up,
get on with the run,
fulfill yesterday’s promise I made to me;
I donned on my clothes and got myself out!

The wind and clouds were teasing me,
I ignored their giggles and made my feet move,
kept my eyes forward,
counting one and two and one and two,
breathing in deeply and wake my brain,
oxygen did a fab job,
my body felt awake.

To a great start I toast myself,
one battle won,
many to come;
confident I am to win the next.

A smile to myself,
I think to myself,
Inertia, inertia,
finally you’ve lost,
one round to me.