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I will know it on Sunday. For the first time after 5.5 years, I have moved myself from the west to the east and this year, it will be the first time I can stay in the comfort of my room(if I choose to) and see runners trotting by! How amazing!

Last year, I was near Bermondsey area which was somewhere around the 10th kilometer mark. I signed myself up to be a volunteer for the event, cheering loudly when there are participants running by. There were the folks dressed up in costumes(I still wonder how they manage a 26.2miles race with such a hot and stuff attire) and people dressed normally. Runners looking serious and pumping on ahead while there were a fund raising runners waving by and looking out for their families and friends. People of all ages and from all countries. Their determination and zest permeated the air when they ran by. It was a cold and windy day BUT dry so it was overall considered good weather.

This year, I will be watching from the 16th mile mark when the runners will have completed half their race and the gaps between them will be more obvious. The ones which have prepared well should see them still on track while those less prepared will definitely start to slow down. I am expecting to see more people walking at that stage as well.

And guess what? On Sunday, we could be having sleet on the road..or snow?!! Yes, the cold arctic wind beats down mercilessly on us. This week, on BBC weather report, it shows up as between 10 to 12 degrees in the day(really?!). And I am covering myself in my thick jacket, two scarves and gloves. I keep my beanie in my bag as it goes down to below 5 degrees at night. Spring is supposed to be in residence but I guess Winter is reluctant to leave. Any chance Winter feel that she might have overstayed her welcome and decide to go before Sunday? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, things to look forward to on Sunday. A 82 year old lady will be running her 13th marathon on her 82nd birthday. Hold on. There’s more. She completed her first London marathon when she was 69. Yes, there’s absolutely right. This is a real case of: It’s never too late to start anything as long as you are healthy.” Amazing lady, isn’t it? I wish her all the best for her race.

Mental note to myself: to build up at least a fraction of her optimism and perseverance in my own life. Oh, and have I mentioned: “No more excuses for myself?”…….