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The level of energy does affect one’s enthusiasm. I haven’t been writing much here for a long time.

Not only was the muse out of my reach, there was nothing I felt I could verbalise with words.

Since the start of the year, work has consumed most of my energy and strength. Surviving with minimal nutrients, I seem to have lost some weight (yay?) Though I wasn’t sure having a weak constitution was the best driver for weight loss.

I felt weak most of the time and I always seem to have a cloudy brain. Was my body failing me?

I was saying the wrong things as thoughts running through my mind dashed out of my mouth before a jog around the brain.

How does that sound? Ready made meals and porridge were my main supplements and I was home usually after 9.

It took me a while to get workload back to reasonable levels after conversations with the manager.

An entire weekend of doing doing – eating/cooking – > watching videos(mind numbing) -> sleeping(and more sleeping) over two days. While everyone else (at work) was plagued by Monday blues, I felt normal. Energetic, calm and focused.

Indeed, the body and brain need their rest. Sufficient rest to function like a normal human being.

Keeping that in mind – I have been retiring early each night and gorging myself silly over the bank holiday weekend. Good nutritious food made by me – no leftovers for a few days. Setting up a good rhythm with minimum of seven hours of sleep and waking up at the right time, I felt normal. Those who have been following my previous entries are probably aware of my foot injury – coming to its two year anniversary – is finally feeling better. Weekly runs on the grass and one run to the library all suggest that my fish-tank days are coming to an end.

I am back.