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A spot where your heart and mind are in two places,
feeling indecisive,
what will you do?

When you are waiting for a bus for half an hour,
to wait or to change your route?

Two job offers come at the same time,
which to choose when both are equally attractive?

Multiple invitations extended,
to decide which to accept?

To sleep early when you are tired,
or to stay up to learn?

Go for a swim to keep fit,
or to relax and chill out?

To wake up earlier to get more things done,
or to snooze in and rush within a shorter time?

Deciding to arrive at an appointment ten minutes before,
or to squeeze in another task, only to arrived hassled and breathless?

Multiple decisions define our route,
shape our character,
and determine our goals in life.

At each little juncture,
which would you choose,
as is you are.