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It’s the time of the year when I am posed this question – how was 2013? Inspired by Candace’s 2013 in Review, I decided to take some time out to think and pen out my year.

I started off with new year resolutions – to bake cakes for special occasions, to run four half marathons, to start on a job search, continue to write poetries to inspire and to complete three courses on Coursera.

I did try the apple cake, apple almond cake, chocolate hazelnut torte, brownies, vanilla chiffon(failed three times!), orange chocolate cake, raspberry white chocolate muffin(joint effort with a friend) – all completed by summer time. I took a break for three months nearly and tried the chocolate Guinness cake with success in November. I even went on to bake it on three different occasions and contributed to my company’s charity cake sale!

Running – though I didnt break any two hour mark at all, I managed to go up to Bergen to participate in a local run and did the Selsdon Half marathon in April. I grew up in Bergen at the moment I realised I lost all my monies on a lone trip in a foreign country. Slipping on the ice gave me a scare as well and now I could have possibly acquired a phobia of walking on ice.

Unfortunately since May, I was plagued with the plantar faciitis and thus there was a period of depressive phase when I immersed in self-pity by just going to sleep but on multiple occasions I managed to drag myself out of bed and volunteered my services at the local parkrun. Also, I went to cheer for my company’s cricket matches – thereby getting to know a new sport. I am also now an expert at offering foot injury advice and also recommended exercises and also an owner of a foam roller which has been underused for the last two months.

On the job search front, there was a few encouraging moments – when I got offered a role in US – which I turned down as I wasnt keen to move myself there for a year; and made a trip to Berlin to get a feel of a potential company’s culture. I did enjoy Berlin and met up with a fellow blog friend whom I have forged a friendship over the last three years. It was an invaluable trip.
I was diligently staying up late past midnight in January and February and even brought along my laptop to Berlin – all for the sake of self-improvement. And also a personal enjoyment of data analysis – I did enjoy the moments when I stumbled upon new insights and learnt about a new data analysis technique. It’s definitely one of my personal passions.

Poetry writing – something which I have been inspired since coming to London. The muse was lost a few times but on the few occasions especially during my lone trip to Dublin, the peace and serenity attracted my muse back and the words just flowed and formed soothing sentences and thoughts.

There was a particular goal which I set – utterly impossible crazy goal but still, I persisted but for obvious lack of emotional readiness, nothing has come out of it. And I realised today that perhaps it’s not something that could happen afterall and perhaps it didnt matter that much anymore. If in the event, this comes true in 2014 – I might write it down here but now I am not ready to voice it out.

I celebrated one year anniversaries with a few new friends whom I got to know last year and developed a better understanding of myself. I can now say ‘no'(more often than not) when I am not up for it. I made some time to help a friend to sell some potteries and discovered more about myself during my three lone trips this year. Now I can truly say I am a big girl now – and is able to take care of myself better compared to a year ago. Patience, tolerance, do my best and detach from the outcomes are my three new virtues.

Today I received the official document to stay in this country for another three years – what will the next three years bring? Definitely one important goal is to make myself happier. The book I am reading now – The Happiness Project – suggests that by making myself happier, I will be able to bring more happiness to the people around me. Is that true? It’s one of my challenges in 2014 to prove it.

What will the new year bring for me? Or what will I bring along in 2014? More expected and unexpected stuff, which I am sure each one of you will agree with me.

Happy New Year to all!