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One of the most tedious tasks I abhor. Spring cleaning.

I have started clearing out my drawers. I mean I took them out and did a wipe of the drawers. And put them back in.

Ok, I meant I reorganised the items, threw away a couple of old items and put unused items into a bag. 

It’s such a boring task. So far, over a span of six hours – my book shelves are done. I placed the unused over a year printer back into its box. I did two drawers. And in between, I had my dinner, many cups of tea and watched a few videos. That’s productivity for you.

All in the name of clearing out the old stuff and awaiting the welcoming of the new year. It’s a tough job. Work still very much in progress.

Back to work.

I forgot to mention, I have completed a thorough wipe of my bedroom door.