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Someone is watching you somewhere. Have you not realised it? Did you not notice?

I was walking down the road from Glendalough visitor center to Laragh Village for about 15min. When I turned my head to the left, I saw this white dog at the top of a slope outside a house. He was looking at me. Or rather has been staring at me for what might seem to be a long time. He didn’t move a twitch. I continued my steps but his eyes never left me. If not for the fact that he might have been scared of heights, he could have possibly jumped down towards me.

50m between us. I dug into my pocket for my camera phone. Wanted to capture the image of this white admirer. I took two shots from the middle of the road. Pleased, I was. I waved goodbye and shouted my farewell while continuing my journey. “Woof,woof!,”he barked. I was scared. Previously immobile, he got up from his sitting position and looked as though he would chase after me anytime.
I hastened my steps while giving back glances. He was still staring at me and barking away.  I wonder, what was he thinking about and how long has he been looking at me silently?