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Just an ordinary Saturday. Or so I thought.

But it wasn’t. It’s supposed to be the first official day of British Autumn. Or rather first evening. I am here sitting in a coffee shop. After a fish-o-fillet meal at MacDonald’s and a slice of cappuccino cake In Nero’s. I have about a quarter of a glass of latte left.

These days I prefer to spend my time in solitude. After tiring days at work, I unwind myself by watching videos online and improving my knowledge in business strategies. The weekdays had been tough this week. I have been doing less exercises for my foot and now it’s hurting as I type this. Especially when I cross my legs.

When my friend texted me yesterday to cancel our meet up for this morning, I was rather relieved. Good, I have more time for myself. When my other friend told me through a text last night to feel free to join her if I changed my mind(about staying at home on a Friday night), I didn’t even reply. I was actually happy to lie on my bed after a nice dinner and just watch videos. One after another. With a headache of course.

It feels more relaxing when I don’t feel pressurised by time. I don’t have to keep watching my watch to see if I might be late for an appointment. I don’t have to follow a schedule. I don’t have to compromise, I just do whatever I feel like doing. It feels right. We live in cities where it appears the conventional norm to hang out with friends, where time keeps looking over our shoulders and at times, it feels exhausting to keep up with everyone’s lives. I care for my friends but I don’t need to know every single details and I will be there when they need me. A recharged me might be a better companion than without. I have more capacity to give when I am ready. At this moment, it’s best to let me be alone.