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What does three months mean to you? 90 days, one seasonal change or just simply a quarter of a year? I have been down with plantar faciitis during this length of time and everyday, I feel the foot hurting after I wake up, a constant reminder that this is the result of me needing to take care of myself better. The last couple of days, I have not felt the ache as much and it struck me that my long awaited recovery seems to be around the corner. Hence I decided to share my thoughts on the meaning of the past three months.

Feels like an eternity,
sunshine no longer implies running.
Walking becomes a chore,
the bed is the place where I spend the most time.
Seeking new replacement activities,
swimming still does not quite feel right.
Spectator is my new role,
cricket matches look fun.
No chance to busk in Summer’s early arrival,
outdoor activities so near yet so far.

I watch from a distance,
gave myself a silent cheer,
and hope that tomorrow will come,
when I will be fit again.

Three months feel surely,
like an eternity.