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I was humming a tune to myself on my walk to work. It was early and I was cheering myself up with the song from a show I have been watching. Happy tune.

I saw a brown object on the floor right on the door step of an estate agency. As I approached it, I found a small bird lying on his side. I stared at it very hard and wondered if he was dead. He was still alive and seemed to have some trouble. Tentatively, I stuck out my hand and try to shift him upright. Once I got him up, he hopped away in fright and went into the far corner . I thought, he didn’t fly away. I became a little worried and wondered if he will be alright by himself. A lady came by and said, “Maybe he needs a vet, there is one down the high street.” I tried once again to stick out my hand and hold it. I failed as I was soft in my approach.He looked fragile and seemed to be in fear and pain. Shivering in pain? I have never held a bird before and I was not sure if I would hurt it if I squeeze too hard.

A man in a suit from the shop came out. He saw us looking at the bird. “He is injured and has a red eye. Might have been scratched by a cat or something. Shall I carry it to the side at the bushes? ” he asked. None of us replied. He proceeded to carry it up and headed for a bush. I was not sure if leaving an injured bird with a red eye was a good idea. The other lady had left. I thought, what if something else attack him? What if he needs help? I followed the man to the bush. “Maybe he’s injured. There is a vet on the high street which I can carry him to,” I suggested. The man was surprised. He was not aware of that.

“It’s a good idea. I will check out where it is and what time they open,” he volunteered. He left. I was not sure if he was coming back. I tried to pick up the bird again. Firmly. I succeeded with a faint struggle from the little birdie. I could feel his rapid breathing against my hand. As I went past the shop, the man came out. He had a tissue in his hand and he said, ” It’s there past the building ahead. I am not sure if they are open yet but you can try. Here’s a tissue for you to carry the bird with.” I put the bird down from my awkward grasp and he demonstrated how I could carry it proper. It was much better. The bird felt firm and still. “Good luck!” the man said and I left.

Along the way, I spoke to the bird and attempted to calm him down. Very soon, we reached the vet. The receptionist was on the phone. She was busy. I waited patiently. A nurse came out and saw the bird in my hand. I explained how I found him and she brought him to the vet. I followed along. The vet was kind. “We have to put him to sleep as there is not much we can do for him. He is injured and has a spasm,” he said. I felt sad. The bird was still young and had not have a chance to explore the world. He’s separated from his family and now he was going to die. I thanked the vet and continued my way to work. The sun was still shining.