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It was a great day. The kind of day anyone would like to have everyday.

1. I got onto the train successfully without being squashed up.

2. I had my favourite matcha latte from EAT and discovered ham and egg sandwich wrapped in croissant tasted fantastic!

3. I collected my driving license within a short time.

4. I lit up two candles in a wonderful quiet church in a busy city. Received peace.

5. During lunchtime, I received a pleasant surprise after I left my lunchbox in the microwave queue and went to toilet. My kind colleague put my lunchbox in for me for 2 minutes and it was ready when I got back 🙂

6. My colleague asked me two questions about work and I had ready answers with a smooth delivery.

7. My colleague who sits nearby bade me farewell when he left for home(in a good mood). He is usually quiet and seldom speaks.

8. My colleague thanked me for the chocolates I left on his desk last week which I had forgotten all about.

I am grateful for this day when surprises happen and things were fairly smooth. Aside from losing one earring, it was one of those perfect days when I feel that I could say: Smile and the world smiles with you. Thank you.