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Today a thought flashed across my head. Couldn’t life be more like a bus journey?

I would obviously be the bus driver of my life. And there is one destination of course – death – something in common with everyone. Along my drive, I pick up people who have to get to a certain place(similar to mine, obviously) or I will welcome people to join me on a little stretch. Eventually each one of them will alight till only I am left.

I decide the speed of my bus and I define the route. There will be sights along the way, things to discover – shortcuts to take – and long windy roads to cover. At times, the wind will be against me while sometimes the sun will shine. When the weather turns grey or wet, I will offer a trip for those who need some shelter.

Laughter will fill the bus and everyone will share their stories. I will share my pastries to keep everyone’s spirits up and bring a smile to everyone’s face. There could be times when I lose my direction or I might need to U-turn to pick up another friend or even revisit a certain stretch of attraction. These experiences will broaden my knowledge and make me wiser.

No one will have a stopwatch to measure if I am late and on my bus, rulers are forbidden. Smiles are aplenty and kindness overflows the teacups. Warmth oozes from my bus 23.

How does that sound – Anyone keen to hop on?