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I chose to start my personal new year with a personal best. My first lone trip, my first half marathon, my first independence. Unfortunately, I was unaware that my streak of bad luck was going to hit around the same time but I got to know myself on a deeper level. Luckily I left unscarred although I had a brief scare.

So the highlight of the trip was to complete a half marathon in Bergen. It was a personal best record – 2hr 40seconds and I received a glass as a memento. The most part of the route was surrounded by mountains and running along one of the most scenic view, I had to suppress the urge to whip out my phone and start taking photos. Trying to engrave the details into my memory, the past days of feeling sorry for myself faded in comparison.

“This was what this was all about. Learning about myself and challenging myself to a new height,” I told myself. Losing my valuables and surviving the experience. Accepting that getting lost with a map is something that I can’t fight against was all part of growing up. Instead of being frustrated with shortcomings, try to laugh it off and the gravity of the situation will not add to the pressure of the moment. It enables one to keep the mind clear and to make good decisions. Though it was a long time coming but I am glad I am still open to receiving and accepting it. I am unable to alter my biological height but as I look back on 23 February, I saw myself 1cm taller.