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In the last 19 weeks, I have been immersing in the worlds of data analysis. In between reading blog entries of life and inspiration, writing poetry and running, the most part of my life was spent on the computer and trying to derive insights from data.

To most it might sound very complex but it is a neccessity. I have tried explaining the course to my mom in in the simplest way ever  – who has no clue about the function of analysis. Have you read news reports  when it says ” People over 60 years old is more likely to be afflicted with high blood pressure” or ” People who are on facebook are separated by six degrees” or perhaps “When both parents are tall, they have a higher chance of having children who are tall too”. These statements are the outputs of data analysis – it could be analysis on health data from different age groups or on social media data or genetic analysis. These theories were confirmed after mutiple analysis with varying techniques on various data sets.

The progress of this area has been rapid over the years as people sought prevention for disease and investigating ways to be more efficient and effective. Looking at (calculated)predictions to understand the factors related to a particular outcome and of  course uncover the risks, this then allows new opportunities for human species to look for improvement methods and also will help to improve our lives. Working on a set of historical information, we would be more prepared for the future as we see our future options(or limitations) clearly. In other words, there would be no more surprises.

As data analysis methods proliferate, we begin to see the value of discovering insights. Personally I feel quite excited whenever I embark on an analysis assignment. It’s like an investigation process where I get lost in the initial stages and dig out an exit. I will then be able to share my findings and excitedly point to them the newly built exit and what we can do with this new pathway.

Unfortunately after the 2.5 months effort, I realised my knowledge is only a tiny fraction of the vast information world. Nevertheless I will continue to widen my scope and hope to make some significant contribution in the near future.