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Following up from my previous encounter, when I lost my monies on my holiday and thought I might be adopting a new phobia, the question everyone must be asking by now – Are you still checking your bag ever so often?

The answer is 10%. And I have a couple of strong reasons for saying that – firstly, I was back on home ground and I was fairly comfortable with my surroundings. There was trust and I knew my area was safe. I didnt check it three times each time after I take out my purse.

Only once. And it was just to make sure my zip was closed up and my bag was brought more to the front. There were a couple of times I did start to feel the surge of a panic when I couldnt find my purse immediately but it was quickly brought under control.

Secondly I was carrying less things than when I was on holiday so there was less burden to take care of. And therefore I was less paranoid.

However, I do note that I did build up an increased awareness of where I put my stuff and I do make a conscious effort to not operate in an ‘automated’ manner. This is to make sure that I will always remember where I last put my items.

I am delighted to announce the end of my monitoring period and there has been no psychological damage to date. However, I would recommend that everyone should always be aware of the safety of your valuables in order to minimise any valuable loss.

Especially when one is on a lone trip.