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Have you ever walked in circles,
Wondering if you should have picked the first cap you saw?

It was beautiful and you loved it,
alas you thought, the next one might be better.
There are so many other stalls,
many more options in sight,
I should not be hasty,
nor make my decision too quick.

You put it down,
and walked down the street,
keeping your eyes open for the “better” cap.

But no matter how hard you look,
there did not seem to be anymore which caught your eye.
Comes in all shapes and colours,
colourful and checked to choose from.

You decide that the first one is the best,
and head back to look for it.
It was gone, as surely as it was.
You wonder which lucky owner now has it,
for you have let the one gone by,
the only one which caught your eye.