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I have checked my sling bag n times today till I lost count. Everytime after I whipped it out by Bergen 48hr card and flash it either to the person manning the attraction or the bus driver, I will put it in and subsequently within the next 30minutes – unzip my bag and check if it is still there at least three times.

I cannot help it. Having never lost such an almost equivalent value of an iPhone 5 and being usually quite thrifty, it was a big loss. Three days before my big day, on my first lone trip and I lost almost all my valuables. This has never happened before. How should one react?

I found out I was a kind person and realised I am going through an unlucky patch. Good news too that I figured out I will panick only when I have no solutions. And I thought this is it – I will be frugal for the next few months and no more holidays for a while and I will take better care of my belongings. One example will be to peer behind at my seat before I alight – I have only peered one third of my journeys today so I need to work harder.

And by taking care of my belongings, peering into my bag became habitual within a day. Whenever I open my bag, I will automatically check it again. And again. And again. Till the word ‘paranoid’ crept into my mind. Am I? I need to monitor my condition for the next 7 days before I can arrive at a conclusion.

My question to everyone: Has anything like this sort happen to you before and how did you react post-incident?