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1. You watch the bus you didnt realise you could take to your destination zoom past you at 5+ in the morning.

2. This is followed by watching the bus you wanted to take zoom past you when your hand flagging down the bus came down too early.(or so you think)

3. The fog descended on the morning you are bound for your flight and the flight was delayed by an hour.

4. Upon arrival at your destination airport, the train service terminated when an unknown package was found at a neighbouring station.

5. The airport shuttle bus you had to take instead accepts only credit card and you had to ask for a friendly passenger to pay by card first and you hand over cash.

6. You slipped and fell when trying to cross the road due to the icy patch.(and you have never fell that way before as far as you can remember because you have always been scared of falling and is always alert)

7. You withdrew additional cash thinking it was not enough and you lost your wallet and everything an hour later.

8. Your bank said they cant help you as they do not have a partnering branch in this foreign country.

9. You lost your driving license and the only way you can get it replaced is to return to your home country and pay a replacement fee of 12.50 pounds.(take note: you only return to your home country once every two years)

10. You realised you dont even have any cash to buy food.

11. You decided that the best way is to stay in the hotel room while waiting for cash help arrival.

And throughout the entire event, you remained reasonably calm and realise there is nothing else you can do except to wait. The question is, there are some parts which could be prevented but others no. And the most scary part is when everything combines together and hits you when you are by yourself in a foreign country, it becomes what you would term as an unlucky streak and you wonder how you can end it(proactive?) or when it would end(passive)?