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If you ever wanted to curse the person who ‘picked up your money pouch and kept for himself’ a horrible end and your conscience tries to persuade you against it by telling you: You were an accomplice in the entire affair and gives you a list of reasons –

1. You were the one who gave him a chance

2. You were the one who was careless.

3. By giving you no alternative to go out, you are preventing another spate of unlucky events.

Of course, your imagination is still hard at work by trying to imagine an accident or something else that happens too. But you try to console yourself with the following:

1. Your mobile might have been lost. Though it’s not, it cant be charged at the moment and it’s running at low batt so to die any moment.

2. Your passport is still with you, so you can still board your flight and your train.

3. You are shrouded in warmth – still in your hotel room and you have a bottle of water so you wont thirst to death while waiting for help.

4. This is a chance for you to build up your survival instincts and to establish more precautionary measures for your next trip.

5. You realise you are stronger than you think you actually are when you didnt break down nor panic as all is not lost and the hotel allows you to make free international calls for help.

6. No further damage is done aside from the cash you withdrew(which is equivalent of someone who lost their iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 and does not have any insurance cover) and replacement of a couple of cards.