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Has anyone watched the play Metamorphosis?

It’s based on a German novel – Die Verwandlung. I had many thoughts after watching the play. It’s about a salesman Gregor who transformed into a vermin one morning. He was living with his parents and a younger sister and everyday he has to wake up at an ungodly hour of 3am to go to work. His entire family does not work and depend on him. After his transformation, he was unable to communicate with his family and we see the change in his family as the story unravels.

From the start of the story, his father was unable to accept the fact that his son was no longer human. His sister was scared but still cared for him and brought him his meals. His mom was in a dilemma – she was scared but felt that she needed to care for him. The change as I observed was not just the change of Gregor from a human to a vermin – his family members in order to survive, turned against him as well and in my eyes they transformed into creatures worse than animals when they felt that Gregor, no longer able to bring in the income has become a liability.

It was extremely sad when Gregor died in the end – to release the ‘burden’ off the family after he heard his family’s discussion. The most heartbreaking moment was when his sister started hitting him as she could not understand the ‘noise’ – which was Gregor trying to talk to his family. The ugliness of human nature was revealed in that instant driven by a survival instinct. I would say, it was definitely a release for Gregor to leave the world – as his efforts to care for his family before his transformation was never appreciated but rather taken for granted.

A thought-provoking story challenging the lines between humanity(care and empathy for others) and survival(each for themselves).
How are humans different from beasts? Only time and tests will tell, I say.