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I received the nomination from The Lonely Recluse – a blog which I have been following keenly for the past year. Originally I wanted to nominate him back but it felt a little silly to go around in cirlces. Instead, I would simply tell him – Thank you very much, your blog has been a wonderful source of inspiration and thought and I appreciate your sharing of thoughts.

So going on next are my nominees for: My Blogs of the Year 2012.
I would like to nominate the following people for their writing. I have been reading their entries for at least a year or more and their creativity, humour – wrapped around beautiful stories and poems cheers my heart and touched me deeply. Even challenges in life described in such gorgeous ways lighten the load behind them. Pieces of art delivered in numerous format and could be interpreted in 101 different ways – brought colours to my life. I just read somewhere today that the invention of each word was driven by an idea. It made me appreciate more the beauty of words combination as it not only shares ideas but also invokes heartfelt emotions as well.

I want to take the opportunity to thank them and hope they will continue to touch the lives of others with their work. If you have time, do take a visit to their blog and join in their journeys. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Jyoti – from Bhopal and currently a student. Her works on life – sharing meaningful quotes about life and expresses her views through poetry(sometimes it almost sounds like lyrics to a song) . It made me start seeing ‘life problems’ in an alternative positive light.

Kate – from Ireland and currently residing in Germany. She shares her thoughts and adventures in a humourous way that never fails to provoke thought. Her detailed description and the unique way she views the world inspires me. I have persistently suggested to her about the publishing of her stories and she is still pondering about it.

Leo  – from Banglalore amazes me with his words of arts. Soothing and heartfelt – it could be a simple Haiku – illustrated by a picture; or a short touching story or more. From him, I feel that we are living in a world of hope where good things are always happening around us. We just need to open our eyes to see for ourselves and believe that dreams will come true.