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This was inspired by my meeting with the red deer – the first animal I saw at Paradise Wildlife Park. He(I think) was standing very still for perhaps 15 seconds and I thought he was a statue. As I drew nearer to the enclosure, I stared at him for a long time and finally he made a movement and the truth unveiled. Fascinated by the encounter, I wrote this piece on my way back home, portraying his thoughts.

On a winter day, barely a soul in sight.
Why is the world still in white?
I miss the attention of the peoiple, the flashes and awe of me.

Wait, who is that in white with a strange grey cap?
Grinning in glee and squealing in delight?
Why is she now silent and stopped in her tracks?

Should she not greet me and wave me Hallo?
A silly girl no doubt, let’s ignore her and turned my head.
HELLO, HELLO, yoo ho, I heard.
In amazement I stared,
she couldn’t seem to stop.

Finally I saw her wave goodbye,
the gust of warmth appears to have rushed by.