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I went to Paradise Wildlife Park today. It appeared on the Groupon advertisement and intrigued me. In addition, I have not been seeing any wildlife for a year. Hence I promised myself a trip to the wildlife park located in Hertfordshire.
Totally amazing. I have to thank the people whom I met along the way who made it a smashing day out for me.

1. The lady at the foodshop – she smiled and patiently kept the sandwich for me while I went to withdraw some cash.
2. The man at Bouxbourne station who was helping to guide passengers – he enthsiastically kindly offered various transport suggestions when I missed the shuttle bus to the park.
3. The driver of the park’s shuttle bus – he was very friendly and even apologised for not noticing me before he drove off earlier. I attributed it to my inability to run after the bus with a coffee in my hand. I had a friendly chat with him to and fro and was very appreciative for his friendliness.
4. The lady at the entrance of the park – extremely friendly and even told me the total number of visitors for the day.
5. The lady at the park cafe – kept up her friendly demeanour throughout serving me.
6. The lady at the Bouxbourne station – who provided some guidance when she saw me hesistating at the gate.

I have never realised how people on the trip can make a journey so much more enjoyable. Those people were just doing their jobs but nonetheless, every little bit of kindness and friendliness plays an important role. And of course I did realise I needed to do my part as well -to be appreciative and smile and speak kindly. It’s an important cycle. Pass it forward, I call it. When I smiled and thanked the ticket office lady for her service, she lit up and smiled. I wasn’t expecting it, hence I was surprised. But it came to me that no matter how the other person feel or treat you, do not take it personally and just do your own part: Smile sincerely and light up the world.