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My Dear Friend,

2013 is finally here. I never thought I will be welcoming the year in this manner, never dreamt I will be in this country, never thought I would have come so far. It’s been a long long journey and you have played an important supportive role in my life. You – you know who you are – the one who shared in my joy, the one who cheered me up when I was down, the one who spur me on to chase my dreams, the one who supported me when I was lost.

I would not be here without you today. Without any questions, without doubts – a simple go for it, simply how are you going to get there. No matter how far-fetched the dream might seem, no matter how unreachable it looks. You trusted me, had faith in me and in turn I believed in myself, I was filled with hopes and determination to pursue, to hold on, to push forward.

My strength and optimism would not have lasted as long without you – my dearest friend. I cannot find any other words to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your presence except –

“THANKS for being by my side” and  “Cheers for our friendship”.

With much love and hugs,
Your loyal and loving Friend