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I am a Generalist. A nice word to describe will be an All-Rounder while a not so nice word to use is Jack-of-All-Trades which of course translates into the opposite of Master-of-None.

This question popped into my mind during a meet-up with E two days ago. She just casually said,” I am a Generalist and I like to do everything.” At that same instant, I realised, that’s me too!

I get bored when I engaged too much into an activity. I need to divide my time into different areas and hence I make friends from all over too – and one observation I made, the friends I make from different aspects of my life do not seem to click that well with each other. Does that mean I have split personalities? I question myself. No, I do not think so. It’s just simply I like to do abit of everything.

Music, sports, writing, reading, arts, analysis – does that not feel like a jumble of areas? That’s me! I like to listen to music and hence I like to play instruments. Do I want to go to listen to music every night? Do I want to join an orchestra(Friend B popped me this question a day ago). My answer is fairly obvious. No. That’s too much time spent for committing to listen to music every day and people who are in orchestras are crazy about music. I enjoy music but not to that much extent.

Because I like sports too! I enjoy running outside and breathing in fresh air, challenging my body to greater heights and just feel free. Joining half marathons and pushing myself on mind over body gives me great satisfaction too. Do I want to run everyday? Obviously not. Twice a week or maximum three times is very well sufficient.

As I need time for reading and writing! To express myself to use words to draw out my thoughts to create beautiful literature. I like. To read other people’s writing and be inspired by new thoughts and to encourage each other through writing. I like. Do I want to write everyday? I tried. Unfortunately not. It’s a movement of energy that I crave for and that comes to the next area – arts.

Museums(history),musicals and history interest me. I simply enjoy absorbing the years of learnings that have preceded us. To learn about evolution and how men better ourselves. Or try to. It’s fascinating to learn their thoughts and to see patterns. Which brings us to the next question – so no, not all the time.

I need time for analysis. I enjoy dabbling with data – to find out solutions, to see patterns to dig around to find insights. To solve problems – that’s my other interest area too. But everyday? Errmm..

Zoos, parks and picnics – I love them too! The outdoor element – the freshness and the vitamins from the sun – the activity feels me with optimisim and hope. They are recharging environments – something that I need after all the digging.

And yes, as we see a glaring pattern by now(pun intended), there’s an element of me which seems to want to absorb everything and also there’s the element of creation and discovery process(which I have left out baking and trying out new receipes – more of that process rather than the outputs). It makes me feel good about myself – and I happen to discover unhidden potential in myself – the ability to pick out learnings in one area and apply to another. It’s the flow of qi – I would like to put it artistically. The left to right; up to down; basically it’s just exploring the world through different method. It energises me and makes me happy.

I would love to specialise in an area but somehow I seem to miss out something whenever I do that. Incompleteness I would say. So having figured out the answer after my weekly Wednesday run with the running club, I can proudly announce to everyone(special thanks to E for inspiring me) – I am a Generalist and I am a darn good one.

Try to beat that!