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Any guess? Yes, music. I am extremely grateful to my mom.

I am sure the above three statements are not making any sense at the moment but wait, give me a chance to go into further details.

When I was in school, I succumbed to my mom’s pressure and joined Chinese Orchestra. Under the most unwilling circumstances, I got started on playing this chinese instrument – the erhu – in the opinion of a thirteen year old girl, the old man instrument with only two strings. How I detest the practices and the struggles with well-known-as-the-most-difficult instrument to learn ever could have been compiled into a book. The strings I broke while trying to tune it even with a tuner; how I tried to play as soft as possible, so that when I was not able to stop with the rest in time, at least it will not be so obvious; how I was always trying to keep up with the pace – it never ended.

After four years of intensive training, I turned out to be quite a good player. In fact, I even joined the orchestra in junior college for another two years thereafter- because I was easily one of the best player around with minimal effort put in. Not only did I acquire a good ear for music, I even started appreciating music from Chinese Orchestras.

And today I have to give thanks to my mom. Not only did she fulfill my wish to get an erhu of my own after more than a decade(of procrastinating), she was the biggest reason why I am able to play the instrument in the comfort of my room in London. Though I used to always blame her for ‘forcing’ me to join the orchestra, on hindsight – it all turned out really well.

I can create my own food for my soul – by playing the familiar songs which I used to practise in school, it brought back the good old days when I was a carefree teenager with hardly any(significant) problems. Music is the best way to energise the soul. Agree?