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After baking around 20 cakes in the second half of last year, I was wondering if I should continue baking. I was getting a little tired of the rapid intensive production and my interest was waning. I am not even fond of cakes but rather just the creation process. The idea of learning the basics and ability to put in raw ingredients to produce something edible and also the skills of amending and “saving” the cake when things goes awry makes me happy. Problem solving is the word I was looking for.

Without a structural syllabus, my baking learning process seems to have come to a standstill. Shall I continue baking in 2013? I asked myself. Apparently I have not stopped yet. I have grown tired of the old cakes I have baked but the “new receipes” needs more effort as I have not mastered them yet. Hence I have struggled with this dilemma for the last two months.

However, there was a push factor for Christmas to bake a cake – an activity with a friend and also to celebrate the spirit of giving. So we did bake a marble cake – which my friend C did most of the mixing while I supervised her. Nonetheless she tutored me to create icing on the cake – writing with chocolate icing as you can see from the picture above. It kept the baking fire going. My cakes which I baked specially for friends’ birthdays and parties – the only reason why I even baked in the first place-will be a much improved version than before! How exciting!

Baking comes from the heart and producing something with your hands shows the sincerity in giving – that’s how I feel. And the activity of baking calms me and the product makes people around me happy – the way I see it, I am spreading happiness around.

The first cake of the year – the new receipe – is the apple cake. It looks not that fantastic but the white icing which I wrote the three lines of well-wishes – indicating “Happy Birthday”, “Good Health”, “Happiness Everyday” – not only made my friend M happy but also myself as I was pleased that somehow, things have moved up a notch unknowingly.

Another great start to the year. Happy New Year everyone!