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While my fellow blog friend Kate went with LSB to view the glory on a hill in Edinburgh, I was up nice and early for my first run of the year in Hyde Park. The Serpentine Run 10K allowed me the opportunity to enjoy my first run in the Winter Wonderland-hosting park at the moment. I have never ran in the park before and I had a couple of self-discoveries after my first 10k personal best time of 53minutes!

1. I prefer multi-terrain running aka.the more undulated the better. If anyone of you read my Marlow exploits – I would have to admit, it was the most fun run of the year. I was more focused on the process of running rather than checking out my watch and wondering when is the next mile mark.
2. I only start to warm up after 50% of the run has been completed. Hence I am more suited for half marathons and I feel more challenged about it. So no more 10ks for now.

3. I tend to “run faster” than the usual people when going uphill but lose my advantage when going downhill. Usually people tend to slow down but somehow I get more motivated and push myself on at the same pace!

4. Cold weather running is still the best and I did enjoy it tremendously.

Aside from the four self-realisations, I did well by having an early night after plenty of cleaning and preparation the night before. It was quiet but I felt that I was ready to take on the world when I woke up the next day in my clean bedsheets.

The atmosphere at the park was energetic and allowed me to breathe in fresh air and soak in the adrenaline rush. After posting my record, I was rewarded with a new red t-shirt and a medal for my efforts. I felt really good about myself.

I made a new friend E in my little adventure and we went to feed squirrels and even had a coffee together. In addition, I was in for a surprise when we met the New Year’s day parade on the London streets. It was packed with people excited to usher in the new year. Band, dancers – performers were cheered on by spontaneous folks all ready to welcome another cycle of seasons.

What an amazing day – 1 Jan 2013! Join me as I look forward to more exciting adventures to unfold 🙂