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My achievements for the second half of 2012. I suppose everyone knows about “Four Weddings and a Funeral” starring Hugh Grant?

Well, mine would be nearly as dramatic as the movie if not more! Considering that I started the year with only one wedding to attend and one half marathon to run popped into the diary in March, I am very much relieved that the other dates only came into the plan much later. If I knew in advance of all these events, I would have been in a state of panic for the most part of the year!

The event that I most looked forward to was the wedding taking place on the 25th November – my very good friend of 18 years. How the years have passed us by! I booked my air ticket back to Singapore very much ahead for my role as one of her bridesmaid. It was an event that I wouldnt have missed it for the world. I talked about it for months and when the actual day arrived, I did my part to the best I could. From waking up at 4.30am to doll myself up to arriving at her place at 6.30am to the wedding lunch and arriving home 12 hours later, I gave all I had and I would keep it in my memory in years to come.

The other three wedding invite came from a Y,secondary school friend who now lives near me in London, Y2 a Japanese friend whom I came to befriend when I arrived in London in 2010 and an English friend K, whom I used to work with in Singapore. Y moved to London in 2010 and having not seen her for more than a decade, I bumped into her in London in my initial arrival weeks. We built up a friendship which never started even back in school and I received her sudden invite towards the middle of the year. She had three weddings as her husband was from another country so they had to have one in London and another two in each of their homelands.  K’s occasion took place on Monkey Island, a very small island near Maidenhead. I had spent numerous times at her place and it was a friendship which we picked up after having left off in 2006 when she moved back to England. The most sudden invite was from Y2 – I came to know about it only two weeks before and I was of course most honoured to be her bridesmaid but nonetheless it took me some time to get over the initial surprise(shock, maybe?) of her sudden decision.

In honour of these weddings, I put all my travel plans aside to save some money for wedding gifts and as such, running half marathons became the only way I could travel out of London to visit some sites. I started in end July with “Down Tow, Up Flow” – and finished with the best timing of 2 hr 1 min+; followed by the Maidenhead Half Marathon after minimal practice for a month; on the spur of the moment I went to Surrey and did a Surrey Badger Half Marathon – with hills and slippery grounds, I did myself proud with 2hr 6min; just when I thought I couldnt do any better, I challenged myself to the ‘floody’ run, set against the hilliest ever grounds in Marlow and completed it successfully at 2hr 5min! What a year of runs and I am really surprised that I had that much potential in myself. This is in view of the fact that I only practise twice weekly as I refuse to kill my love of running by overdoing it.

Two learnings I came to discover about myself – number 1, I will attend no more weddings of friends if I do not know any of their other friends and number two, more runnings will be carried out in 2013 – starting with a bang in Hyde Park on 1 Jan. Can’t wait to kickstart the year with another personal challenge – a constant reminder of life’s ups and downs and how I should keep up my persistent and positive attitude towards them.