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Some thoughts on a foggy day –

Winter appears to have arrived in London. It’s foggy and planes delays and cancellations become common.

We see things through a layer and everything in front of our eyes do not seem as clear as before. A friend just told me she likes to come to London – London is very beautiful in summer and she wishes she can come here some time. Personally I prefer spring and autumn – it outlines ambiguity – spring signalling perhaps a beautiful start and autumn marking the start of the end.

Armed with perfect eyesight,

But why does my sight seems blurry?
I put on glasses, distorted view I get.
The swaying trees attempt to clear the air,
alas it fails, the mist is here to stay.
When will things be clear,
time will let us know but in this waiting period,
let us rise and prepare for the moment of action and execution.