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I like personal challenges and I find myself constantly doing what a normal person would not do.

Running to the tube station to catch the tube even when I woke up 1 hour earlier than my departure time. I nearly missed my train – but I like to think of that as my warm up part one and warm up part two was trying to get to the park before the run started. I completed all that tasks successfully albeit stressful.

I like to better my timing – which I did shave off around 98s second down to 24min 49s for a 5km run. Excellent job – nicely executed by me considering that it has been just six days after my last half marathon which I will share in another post, I could possibly create another personal best for the upcoming half marathon in November!

I seem to enjoy tiring myself out – an early park run, teaching English at an advanced level and carrot cake/cookies baking thereafter. As a result, in contrast to my flatmates enjoying a lovely chat in the living room at the moment, I am hiding in the room due to a headache from an early morning and an overdose of “over-talking”.