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Coming back at midweek I started to marvel at the slowness of the day – and under the influence of the dropping temperatures, any other normal sane being would choose to stay at home after eleven hours of transport plus work day. On top of that, hunger pangs attacked me and I surrendered to them by making myself some fried river cobbler with soy sauce. After the filling dinner, I debated to head straight to bed (at 8pm) or alternatively I could drag the lazy bag of bones to the pool.
A most interesting conversation transpired –
Brain: You need some exercise after all the mooncakes you ate today – to burn off the calories!
Procrastination: I could do it tomorrow morning perhaps if I wake up early enough to go for a swim before heading for the event?
Brain: Are you sure there is sufficient time? It looks a little tight and you need an hour’s journey to Greenwich. There will certainly be a rush and you could be late!
Procrastination: But…but if I arrive at the dot of the opening hours, I will be fine!
Brain: Your left shin is still throbbing a little, if you could go today, there will be time for you to go for another time(of therapy) before you head for a half marathon this Sunday!

Procrastination hesistated..and replied : That makes sense and I did consume a fair amount of calories today and the swim will perk me up and relaxes me at the same time.

Brain: Yes, finally you are seeing the light. So are you all ready to go?

Procrastination: Errm…actually…I am starting to have second thoughts..

Brain: Ok, that’s it – the new rule dictates, everytime you hesistate and decide to opt for the safer option, you need to get your lazy butt up and head for the other choice.

Procrastination: Oh, alright!

And so, the brain emerged the winner of the exchange and I ticked off the 60 laps of a 25m pool as my most hard-earned and satisfying achievement for today.