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At the same time while my fellow blogger friend in Berlin was propped up on bed and having her laundry done, I was probably wandering around with my huge bagpack and wondering if the weather forecast in Bath had gone wrong.

After stuffing things into my bagpack for my weekend hen party in Bath, I managed to get into bed four hours before I was due to wake up on Saturday morning. At 5am, my alarm rang and I struggled out of bed groggily with of course one part of the brain still stuck in dreamland. I dragged my feet around the flat and managed to get ready within an hour. Pushing in the last bits of leggings into my huge heavy bag, I got myself to the tube station heading to Paddington for my 7am train. I was on an early start as the tickets were cheaper for the morning off peak hour. And my meeting time with the rest of the hen’s friends was due for 1pm. I had more than four hours to kill. Or rather to explore the city.

I slept on most of the journey but woke up from time to time, making sure I had not missed my stop. Upon arrival, I saw mists in the far distance and wondered if I was at the right place.I had a shock when I stepped out of the station. It was brr…COLD! And I was seriously underdressed – being prepared for temperatures between ten and fifteen, under ten degrees definitely put me off my tracks. How was I to explore the city when I had no cover against the wind?

Calming myself down, I turned on my GPS signal and ventured tepidly towards the direction of the hotel. Most shops were closed and they were similar to the brands in London, noted I. I bravely trudged forward and even took pictures along the way as part of my touristy to-do activities. So far so good, I circled around a couple of streets, and amused myself with my observations, noting funny names: Quiet street, Cheap Street. I thought, was the street quieter than other streets? Do the shops along that street sell goods cheaper than others?
The streets were lined with yellowish olden buildings and the ground floor of the buildings – paradise to shoppers were modern-designed. What a contrast! When I saw a shop selling postcards, I bought a couple of them with all intentions to send some back to my friends back home. Snapping shots along my way, I finally found Travelodge and went in to enquire about putting down my perhaps 10kg bag(with my red wine gift included). I was rejected and I had no choice but to continue my exploration with the heavy bag. Next, I discovered the post office along the way and decided to get started on my posties. With an hour, my postcards were ready and glued with a stamp each and I sent them on their way.

Walking down the streets, I stumbled upon a pastry shop with delightful looking pastries and rewarded myself with an almond croissant. The weight behind me was getting too much for my petite frame. It was time to find a cafe to take a breather.  Suddenly the atmosphere turned lively and the hidden-so-far sun finally sneaked out to play. Drawn to the sound of music, I found a performing artiste strumming in the middle of a square and promptly popped into a nearby shop to get my legs some rest as well as to enjoy some live music.

Over an enjoyable hour flew past as I sat alone on the second floor and took shots of him singing away through the window. Many people stopped to give some donations or shake his hand or just to give him a round of applause. At times, there were handfuls who bought his cds too. The experience was similar to the last time I sat in a pub with a beer – relaxing and chilling out.

Glancing around, I chanced upon this paper – a steam engine fair in Royal Victoria Park. My loyal GPS which has been serving me well today showed me how far it was to check out the fair. Looking at my watch, I deliberated if there might be enough time to pop over(with my stone-bag) and still meet the rest on time.

The music stopped and I looked out of the window. He was packing up! I panicked for a moment, gulped down the remains of my vanilla latte and dashed down the stairs to catch the singer in time in time to purchase a copy of his CD as a momento. At this moment, I realised the sun was shining brightly and I still have about two hours left. I decided – next destination: Royal Victoria Park.