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I love all airports. The place where one arrives and where one departs. I have mixed emotions towards it and when I see people dragging their luggage along or having a cosy meal at the restaurants, my heart just warms up and the entire environment feels homely. I can confess I am drawn to the myriad of emotions display at the airport – the tears and sadness at the departure hall and the smiles and laughs at the arrival hall. Only common characteristics are probably the hugs and kisses with plenty of small talk.

Of course emotions are a big part. However, I would not deny the feeling of kicking off a new chapter in another new country or reunion itself are associated with dreams, hopes and a new life. All the positive vibes in the air never fails to invigorate me. Fantastic!

If you have been following me, you would be aware of  “An English Farewell” where I cooked a big meal and baked a chocolate cake for A. Of course you would know how I got to know her at “A Brazilian Farewell” when I went to a dinner party to bid another friend goodbye as she moves onto a new chapter. The time spent with A especially over the past year plus a great blast to 2012 when I watched Sherlock Holmes with her family was one of the most memorable times in London.

So there I was at Heathrow Terminal 4 on a Tuesday evening after work. It took me a while but I managed to get onto the Heathrow Express from T3 and the empty carriages kept my smile up as I held onto my glee. Arriving fairly early, I thought to get myself a ham panini from Nerro Express. As the sandwich needed some heating up, I received a long range detector seen below. I could walk around the airport while waiting for it and it will beep when my order is ready. The innate curiosity in me was most interested to find out how “far” will the device work.


While walking up and down to search for A and her family, I made sure I was relatively far from the cafe and kept peeking at the gadget to will something to happen. It felt like an eternity before it beeped! And I had to take a shot to capture this memorable event.


After my food collection, I almost gobbled it up before giving A a ring. She was delayed by the tube along the way hence she was slightly behind schedule. Had a chat with her mom while waiting in line for check-in. The slightly over 30kg baggage went through successfully and we made our way to Windsor Castle. A decent pub with limited food options but it was nice and cosy and I offered everyone a slice of my marble cake while waiting for the food. I was relatively quiet throughout mealtime nonetheless I felt happily engaged in the atmosphere just by sitting there. Tears rolled out when she opened her farewell gift from her ex-colleague. I could feel her excitement to go, yet her sadness to leave her family and friends behind.

All too soon it was the time for her to enter the gates. We made our way down and took one last shot to capture the moment. Our last moments ran out as we gave our goodbye hugs. She was already crying by the time I was hugging her tight and I said, take care and be safe.

As she dragged her two hand luggages behind her and looked at us with red eyes while walking further and further away, we all cried, waved hard and wished her the best(in our hearts).