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For those of you who have read about “A Brazilian Farewell“, who got to know about how my chanced acquaintance with this English girl – A and of course how I spent an amazing time with her and her family in “Blasting off 2012” will be happy for her and at the same time a little sad for me.

Her dream came true – she is enroute to Qatar, setting off a day after the summer bank holiday, she will be teaching English as a foreign language to children! She has been trained to teach adults but though with no experience with children, she impressed her interviewers enough to engage her for the next year! How exciting for her! Not only will she have a proper job of her wish, she gets to go to the region where she has been planning of and this means her hard work over the last year has finally paid off!

I am very excited for her, in fact – thrilled is the word. Nonetheless I am a little worried but somehow having come this far, I am confident she is equipped to handle the situation. Having been in her shoes around 2.5 years back, I know how hard it is to fight for dreams at times. It sounds impossible but actually it has been proven time and again, if you want things badly enough, it will happen because you have worked hard for it. Our friendship has slowly progressed over the past year and though we havent met up very often, the couple of times we did, we hit off well and had plenty to chat about – about life, our principles, our ideas, our experience. Everyone comes into our life for a reason and she has been a pivotal part of my life in my life here in the UK. Advice and ideas – opinions though might not be matching at 100% but it is the support and chats that has brought us here so far.  Rome was not built in a day nor is a friendship. To me, our friendship represented hope and dreams. She is a resilent personality and I see characteristics in her I hope to learn from. She didn’t have things going smoothly for her but she is a fighter and she has worked hard for her progress today. I am proud of her and glad that I can proudly announce our friendship.

Unfortunately, the sad part is that I will have one less friend here in UK but hey, we have technology, isnt it? Bridges the gap and you know that you have someone who will be there to chat to when you have problems or when you are down. Hence on this hot Sunday afternoon, we arranged one of our final meet-ups at my place. I wanted to prepare a little feast for her – did my specialty – salmon baked rice and baked ribs. Knowing that she has a sweet tooth for chocolate, I practised my chocolate cake receipe once last weekend and it was a hit! Easy chocolate cake from bbc , anyone who is a beginner in baking can try this. I did mine with double light cream and it was not as rich as prescribed. Dessert, sumptuous meal and topped it off with a little gift – sun cream against the blazing sun, some of her favourite chocolates and a little farewell note.

We had a delightful time indoors – a preference instead of the outdoor heat. Chatted about our family, our friends, her new life, our updates – just a normal meet up. But it felt good, enjoyable and learned new things about each other as well. All too soon the afternoon came to an end but we had an excellent time as always and though I couldnt make any promises to visit her anytime soon, I know this has been certainly an affirmation of our friendship and I hope we will survive the test of time together.

I wish her well and I hope she will settle into her new life there. Will we meet again? I am not sure. But I know I will miss her and our girly chats at our favourite pizza haunt in Kingston.