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Sitting on my sofa watching how Team GB won two out of the rowing heats I have been watching – Men’s lightweight four and Men’s pair. I have to admit the two races were sensational and I enjoyed every single moment. In my entire life, this was the first time I think I might have fallen in love with watching rowing, in particular the home team at the moment.

The interview featuring George Nash and Will Satch who revealed their ten years of hard work started today touched me. Imagine the journey they have taken, the doubts that must have surfaced, the perserverence to pull it off, the motivation and drive much needed to prepare just for that one moment. The only question I have is – is it worth it? And the answer I have from them spoke it all. Reflecting at their decade’s hard work for that one goal, how many of us have got impatient along the way just waiting for two days or even for an hour?

Team GB were not leading right from the start. There were strong competitors coming on strongly and how do they hold on to the mental strength to tell themselves – focus on the goal, stay confident, we have what it takes to win. Especially for the team of four, teamwork was key. There was definitely no point having one strong rower or if their strokes were not synchronised. The solution for overcoming water resistance and of course winning is to stay mentally calm and focused. However for a team to win, it needs more than one individual to hold the same strong thoughts of belief. Support and belief in the team, to work in rapport to drive towards the finishing line forms part of the ingredients to being an Olympic champion team. The spirit is strong and seeing the quadet’s powerful and dynamic strokes, together with the relaxed stance reached out to me. As Peter and Richard Chambers, Rob Williams and Chris Bartley powered past the Australian world champions after the halfway mark and continued to extend their lead, I could feel the seeds of love budding for the sport.

Gliding across the waters with wide and strong strokes, I felt the energy and motivation flowing through me at the same time. Rowing is a fantastic sport and on the second day of the Games, I have to admit – I am in love with this sport.