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“Rejection does not exist. It is simply a concept we hold in our head.” This is according to Jack Canfield’s book and his chapter on Rejection is just a Myth
How true. Let me prove this theory.

Today I went to Poundland and bought a bottle of handwash. I paid for it and stuffed it into my bag. Proceeding to Sainsbury next, I piled in my groceries and brought them to the self check-out counter. After payment was completed, I placed everything into another bag and prepared to head home. That was when I stuck my hand into the bag holding the handwash and realised the cover was broken and liquid was coming out! Imagine a newly bought bottle broken even before I have brought it home.

I had two options. First to bring it home and find another empty container or two, to bring it back to the shop and ask for a new bottle. I debated between my two options and keeping the theory in mind, I figured there was no harm in executing option two. If I get rejected, I will still need to go home with the broken bottle and deal with it. BUT if my request is accepted, I will get to go home with a new brand new bottle which will function rightly. Heading back into the shop, I asked one of the shop assistant for help. To my pleasant surprise, she told me, you can get a new bottle and just head to the counter to show them and they can keep the broken one aside. On further enquiry, I realised I did not even need to join in the long queue. So I hopped right back in and got told off by the other customers I need to get in line. I politely explained about the replacement and the kind gentleman gave his agreement. Handing in over the broken bottle, I smiled at the cashier, turned to wave thanks to the gentleman behind and headed home happily with my new item.

Rejection is not true as you have read and remember next time, just ask –  the situation will not worsen when you do that; in fact, you are giving yourself a chance to gain something and nothing to lose from asking. So next time, if you are worried about rejection – do think again!