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This question popped into my mind today. Home ownership is very common and according to the natural evolution of human, once you reach a certain age group, you would develop a natural inclination to have your own place. I believe it has to do with creating a sense of belonging – a home or maybe it is to demonstrate a certain ability to purchase your space as a proper grown up or it could possibly be just for investment purpose.

Upon reaching the significant milestone, I have friends telling me about them getting their own place and their excitement of doing it up. Unfortunately I feel terribly alienated in this matter and as much as I want to congratulate them, I was unable to feel the same emotion coarsing through despite understanding their intentions.

However, I did question myself if I wanted to embark on something of a similar nature. And the answer was surprisingly no. Unless of course it is to do with investment, I do not see myself getting associated with a liability for the next 20 years or more. A bond, a committment for my own home does not appeal to me. It reminded me of the university option I was convinced to pursue for three years, selecting something which everyone near me thought it was right with me struggling over the darkest days of my life. Worried of failing people around me with no zest for life and losing my inner light. After overcoming the obstacle, I was convinced that never will I do that again. To follow in the footsteps of the majority and fail myself in the process was definitely a no-no. Unless I am absolutely sure of the value of a certain decision, I will not seek to follow behind my peers.
So, do I want to own my own place? Possibly someday somewhere I might call home but at the moment, I hold no such intention.