On my way to work this morning, I stood at the last traffic junction separating me and the office. Upon seeing the lights for the vehicles turn red, I stepped forward with several others, knowing fully well that the green man will only light up ten seconds later, by which I would have already reached the other side of the road. A savings of ten seconds is indeed very precious in our fast pace world these days.

Only two person stood still and did not move. I turned my head as I was crossing over. A woman and presumably her child. They waited and abided with the traffic rules. In my heart, the lady has just won my respect. This is exactly what educating the next generation is about – to lead by example. Instead of all talk and no action, a parent need to demonstrate the rules and set the pace. It is tough indeed to instill good discipline. If only every parent has keeps this one thought in mind and implement it well, there might yet be hope for the next generation.