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Lalala..We live and we learn to take, one step at a time….Jordin Sparks, one of my favourite songs some years back. Inspirational indeed.

Bought the glucosamine tablets about 1.5 years ago for healthy joints. It has a total of 180 capsules and I never thought I would be able to consume all of them on my own. The big fat bottle appeared to be full all the time and it did seem likely that it might expire even though the expiry date is for 2013.

However, I can proudly announce that I have completed it!! After the weekly rigorous training, I have been diligently doing twice a day dosage, making sure my joints will be fully strengthened and in top shape. Sad to say, the knees are protesting at the moment even as I walk but I hope they will be well in time for the half marathon next Sunday.

It was funny as I used to eat one every other day when I remember about it. It could be weeks before I ate one, at times months. Probably explains why I was getting panicky one day when I realised the bottle was still nearly two thirds full. I was determined to make sure they did not expire. So recently for the last couple of months, I kept reminding myself. At least once daily if not two. It worked – one step at a time, I have completed my goal. It’s one of those things that serves to remind me – each baby step I take, though small but it’s definitely not insignificant. As long as the goal is still in sight, one step at a time, I will get there.