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Quoted from Jack Canfield’s How to get from where you are to where you want to be, I felt suddenly motivated again.

Having been in London for 2years, the questions I have for myself : what have I done so far? Am I where I want to be?
Things have been a little fuzzy of late and I had sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed and waking up at daybreak. Note that daybreak translates into 4am in summertime.

My manager’s feedback to me,”you need to get out of your comfort zone” struck the chord. I was bored at work. True,I was performing what I know best. People seldom challenge me and I got used to holding back my thoughts. Excellence,one might say but for me, I was not challenging my limits. In terms of self growth,it has been stagnanting. I kept thinking of things I wish to do but I haven’t set anything specific. Vague goals produce vague results. How true!

As a result of the appraisal session, I was assigned a goal. To make myself a main contributer in their business plans in less than 3 months. Possible? When posed with the question one week ago,I was hesitant. Today I was positive. I knew the answers. But I was not confident of myself,hence the unsureness.

Evidence 1: Assist every business with plans. So far, I have came up with the draft for one and I found the answers for one of the business plan discussion I had yesterday. Logic, my forte guides me to my answers.

Evidence 2: Raise at least £100 before the app expires. The Samsung Hope Relay app I downloaded 37 days before 1Jul has yielded a grand total of £83 pounds. Not far from my target of 100 quid and considering my weak left knee and my limited data plan, I have been contributing £2.90 daily!

Evidence 3: Grow a healthy plant before the year is up. My pansy as everyone is aware of, is growing rapidly and today, there are 10 flowers in full bloom. Special thanks to my flatmates for helping with care taking.


Evidence 4: Cake baking, a monthly activity I have set and diligently keeping up on, the result earlier this week- a poppy seed cake for my friend’s birthday. I have to admit I had a bit of help with the cream from my ‘talented in kitchen’ Flatmate but I realized my capacity does not lie in not able to but my lack of passion for it. My aim is not to become a whizz in the kitchen but rather someone who can take care of myself,innovative once in a while and make things for others if I would want to. In the kitchen, there is no ” I can’t”. There is only “I want not”.


The story I want to share today, everyone of us has a capacity in us we have never discovered before. Start to grow your capacity to do what you love. Have you realised your talent yet? Set specific goals today and the “how to” will kick in eventually!