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Two months of effort and help from flatmate whilst away up the mountain, below is the end result. For those who have been following and read how I have been growing patience, care and concern, below is a sight to behold!

Funnily, I have been clueless about the name of the flower as it was not labelled on the packet but nonetheless after sharing the lovely sight with a couple of friends, it has been identified as the pansy. Anyone who does not agree, please drop me a note. I am open for discussion.

The process of growing this purple flower has not exactly been easy and I would like to share some thoughts –

You make me think, wonder I.
You make me excited, shriek I.
You induce a protective instinct, care I.

Dear pansy,
make me proud, would you?
make me hope, would you?
make me smile, would you?

For surely, if water and light not sufficient,
love and concern should be enough nutrients,
to groom you for bloom.

Blossom, dear pansy,
bring in sunshine to wherever you are,
bless those who have seen you,
cheer them up when they are down,
your life’s truly a highlight, a natural delight.