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As part of my daily job, it requires me to scan the technology market and look out for the latest news related to gadgets. Stumbling upon the latest app release for the smartphones – Samsung Hope Relay – an initiative by Samsung to donate to two charities of their choice – matching one pound for a mile for any interested UK participants.

Of course I decided to make my little contribution! However, it’s only possible when my phone was charged – meaning when I run with my phone, I need the music from the radio and the GPS signal to be turned on. Though if my phone was on low battery, it was never going to work. Till last Monday. I charged my phone properly at work to make sure my phone had enough power to run the app which was first launched on 16 May.

I set out to my planned route and launched the app. Sticking a picture of my latest baby – as my head, I registered with my email address and some basic particulars. Tapping on “start run”, I was diverted to turn on my GPS signal before the counter started to tick. I was all raring to go on a suitably cool Monday evening. I was all set to do at least a 10kim run. It worked perfectly! Only flaw was my earphones – half working on one side, the music was off and on with random disruptions. Setting a good pace I managed to push myself down the Barnes route, doing a turn and heading towards Putney Bridge. I could feel the thundering beat as I strode on constant rhythm.I could feel a high settling in and I opted to do an additional 3 rounds around the park en-route. The lactic acid threatened to overwhelm my legs as I started struggling in my 3rd round. Time to head back, I thought. Convincing myself of the remaining short distance, I kept a constant pace forward.

Upon hitting the last stretch, I gave a final push, powering myself to the end. I swiped my phone, tapped on “finish run” and looked at my results. An astounding 91min for 10.42 miles, contributing a grand total of 10 pounds to Kids Company and International Inspiration! Feeling totally proud of myself, I resolved to continue this satisfying role  till it ends on 12 August.

Kudos to all those who have been making similar significant efforts as well, well done!