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As shared the last time, I am growing a pocket garden. This morning, I woke up and upsetted the pack. To my horror, I watched one of the plant dropped out together with the soil while trying to pick it up!
Since I started growing the plant, it has been part of my routine to check on it ever so often. When I come back from work and just after I wake up, it’s intuitive. I remember that the plant needs its water and sunlight but according to instructions, it needs minimal amount of water. To me, it translated as minimal care and concern needed – which works out fine for me. This is the first ever time as an adult, taking care of a living thing and although a plant is different from an animal, to me, it’s all about effort and responsibility even though I didnt ask for it.

I have brothers keeping fishes in aquarium since ten years ago. I watched the initial enthusiasm diminishing everyday and I felt a little sad. And growing up, there were 101 things to do and taking care of fishes(only) just seems like too much work. It’s similar to having a child. Although I can safely conclude that a child is way much more work compared to a plant and pet. Commitment and responsibility are the keywords and I wasnt sure if I possess any or maybe if I wanted to be responsible for the life of another.

Growing this plant hits me that if I have what it takes if I am committed to. I have aspirations of blooming flowers even as I cut up the bag to reveal the soil. Dreams of perhaps eventually planting into a proper garden took shape as I poured in the seeds. Making sure no overcrowding was in my mind as the tiny grains fell onto the soil. A tad too much water went into the soil due to the lack of my control in dripping in the water. And I was worried about them even though they have not even taken shape.

The first picture above was taken as I set it up next to the window ledge in my bedroom, making sure it has sufficient sunlight. Everyday, I diligently tended to it. Was it hard work? No, it was not. Anxiety did enter my mind when I saw nothing after a week. It became a natural routine of giving the living thing some attention every day. To be precise,twice daily.

My tender care was finally reciprocated upon the appearance of exactly two sprouts at the end of the second week. The start of a deepening relationship,pay-off of my efforts.