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Half past eight in the evening found me nearly alone along the River Thames. Nearly because there were couples scattered around and teenagers at the playground on a Saturday evening. One can easily tell summer is hosting at the moment as it was still light. If not for the watch on my left wrist, I might have mistaken the time to be about 7pm.

The longest run I have done since more than three years ago. It lasted more than 1.5hours involving a slow but steady pace and a determination to hold on despite experiencing stiches in my abdomenen at the start. With a deadline of 22 July in three months time, the longest distance I have ever covered was probably around six to seven kilometers. It was definitely time to increase the distance lest I might not be able to cover the 21km target in Marlow.

Running on dry grounds(a blessing indeed) accompanied by a slight breeze blowing at my face, I did not even realise when the number of runners started dwindling. Perfect evening for a run after an unplanned manicure which resulted blood oozing out from my fingers and ended with four fingers stinging. Three on the left and one on the right. The price for ten purple nails. That will be another story to tell.

Started towards Barnes Bridge at the slowest speed possible, I had my earphones tuned to Capital 958 for the steady stream of songs. Apparently running to the rhythm of songs greatly reduces the feeling of fatigue. I believe this is true.

By the time I covered half the distance, I was still going strong! In fact, I was enjoying myself so much that I didnt even peek at my watch till I was three quarters into my goal. I even increased the original planned distance by going around the circumference of the playground four times, each round equivalent to a round in the stadium’s running track.

In total, I covered around thirteen kilometers, from Hammersmith Bridge to Barnes and back down to Hammersmith Bridge and across to Putney Bridge – a twelve kilometres route plus the additional rounds. Silenting congratulating myself for the huge accomplishment, more than the intended 7miles,  I procceeded home, satisfied that I will be on track for a good timing for the upcoming half marathon.
Not only that – the calories from three Mars and three Snickers bars consumed earlier in the week became a distant memory.