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A Friday like any other, I was drying my hair in the evening when I caught sight of a stationary grey object at the far corner.
Yes, the affair has ended. After two months. If everyone remembered about the mouse glue trap, the unsuspecting mouse stumbled straight upon it. It could have been the night before or during the day. I am not exactly sure when.

Only thing I was sure about, the mouse was dead – not even a squeak. I took a close look at the furry animal and the length of its tail. It was a mouse as I suspected. Not a rat. Phew. Size of a handful, it must have been frightened out of its wits and purged out some poo onto the trap as well. Obviously, the owner of the room a.k.a me was taken aback and all thoughts flew out of her head. Only thing I remembered about the trap was that I should never walk too near the heater in the event my toes get stuck. Aside from that, I had totally forgotten about the brief glimpse on the second day of the new year.

With the help of a friend, the glue trap(with the poor creature, of course) was retrieved and put into a bag. Barely grasping it with my finger tips, I ran down the stairs, out the door with only my stockings(as I couldnt even remember to put on my shoes!) and made a quick dash into the light drizzle with barely a thought. I tried to shove the bag through as quickly as possible and ran back in within five steps, stockings wet.

The human-rodent relationship was over. Finally.

On the other hand, will its friends issue a missing warrant and send out a search party for him when they find him missing?
I hope not.